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Every moment of light and dark is a miracle-Walt Whitman 🌟💫

Last friday, i have a “sisters hangout time” with my cousin and my older sister. We went to Beatus to have dinner. Their popular menu is Caramelized Butter Crab

the taste of this crab is too damn great. The caramelized butter is great and it’s too easy to get the meat of the crab. I never ever eat crab as easy as this crab.

My cousin didn’t want to eat rice, then she ordered a Aglio Olio Spaghetti

This spaghetti was nice. I love the bacon by the way ;P because the last time i ate a Aglio Olio spaghetti, the restaurant just add sausage in my spaghetti and this Aglio Olio wasn’t spicy at all

For the dessert to satisfied our sweet tooth, we ordered Creme Brûlée

It was my first time, trying a creme brûlée. It’s far away from my thought. It taste great even it’s too sweet for my mouth. But because it was already 9 p.m so i won’t eat too much or my diet program will be ruined ;p

It’s not a new cafe but i’ve just try it because the location is too far from my home. I got there with my best friend and of course my boy as the party owner.

The Daily Sweet has a great interior design (hello narcism). It’s look like classic but in a modern way. The have a good service and of course a lot of main course and dessert that worth to try.

I tried the Sausage Black Pepper Spaghetti

For a “black pepper” food it’s too spicy but as a spicy love i have no critics about the taste. The only thing that this food should has is more sausage i think. 

I’m gonna show you the other food photo that originally taken by me with Samsung Galaxy S4 but there will be no food review because i’m not try them at all 

Note : sorry for the poor quality, i promise you i’ll upload the better picture as soon as i possible 

* Pesto Spaghetti with Dory

*Penne Carbonara

* Grilled Prawn Spaghetti

* Fried noodle with boiled egg

* Burger

Happy valentine day everyone. Love is in the air. Love is everywhere.

Yesterday, i waken up by mother because of the ashes from Kelud Mountain are everywhere. Pray for everyone will be all right and everything will be better as soon as possible. Keep praying & keep believing.

At night my boy picked me up at 6 o’clock and from the first time i open the car’s door, i saw an apple in the dashboard.

We went to Ciputra World mall to watch Frankenstein. He didn’t like the movie but in my opinion it’s a good movie, a good story but it’s too short like they cut every scene then suddenly its come to the ending.

After that we went to somewhere i don’t know. Near the mall but it’s a dark place like in a zombie movie. He took me to IKI/SUI, a japanese food restaurant with a really nice japanese decoration but it took a very very very long time till the food done. The time we wasted for the food was really worth because it’s so good. I’ve been eat so many chicken teriyaki but this chicken teriyaki has a different taste.

In our way home, he asked me to take a toothpick for him and i feel something like a box and i pretend i know nothing. It’s a box of my fave chocolate a.k.a Ferrero Rocher with a little memo.


A half way to home, he act weird like asked me about some question and ended with give me a blue rose ! YES IT IS ! BLUE ROSE ! Finalllyyyyyy i could see it with my own eyes. Even it’s not the real one (it’s a white rose which painted into blue one) but i’m so happyyyy.


Valentine day doesn’t mean fine dinner or expensive gifts. It’s about how you express your love beyond the other day. Keep loving everyone