I’m really a bad hairdresser for my self. I tried to have a nice curly hair with my flat iron but it doesn’t work. And my boyfriend gave me a Beauphoria

Physically, it looks like an ordinary hair curlier but Beauphoria is easier to use. Might be the easiest way to get my hair curly in 10 minutes.

*sorry for this bad pictures :( i’m using my iPhone 4*

The result to my hair :

no one knows the real meaning of life. some people just breath and the other working hard to achieve something. How ever, you should never forget about one thing.. BE HAPPY !

you will forget every pain, sadness and sickness if you do. Because when you live your life happily, nothing is gonna be too hard to do.

Keep praying

Keep believin’

we never know what will happen later or tomorrow, so take your time and smile.. feel that happiness in your heart and mind

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Happiness is the natural flower of duty-Phillips Brooks #quotes #tulipmania #flowerdome #sg photo by @frisiskay

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at V Hotel Lavender

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